30 states and the District of Columbia have legalized the use of marijuana. But this year, there are three states that are awaiting the decision to legalize marijuana. There are a lot of benefits of legalizing marijuana, which is actually a good thing, medically speaking. In Keith Speights’ article, he talks about the three states that will most likely legalize the use and selling of marijuana:

  1. Michigan

Michigan already allows patients to use medical marijuana. The prospects of the Wolverine State also legalizing recreational marijuana now look better than ever.

The Michigan Board of State Canvassers gave its stamp of approval on April 26, 2018 to an initiative to put recreational marijuana legalization on the ballot later this year. Supporters needed to gather 250,000 signatures; they ended up with more than 365,000.

There’s one compelling reason why states like Michigan are considering allowing recreational marijuana: higher tax revenue. The proposed ballot measure would legalize possession and sale of up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana for recreational use, if passed. All recreational marijuana sales would be taxed at an additional 10% on top of Michigan’s current 6% sales tax. The revenue generated would be used to fund education, roads, and cities and counties with marijuana-related businesses.

It’s possible, however, that legalization of recreational marijuana won’t be on the ballot when voting takes place in November. The state legislature could pass a bill to legalize recreational marijuana even sooner.

Republicans are currently in control of Michigan’s legislature. Some of them are concerned that having recreational marijuana legalization on the ballot could boost voter turnout in ways that hurt their chances to maintain their majority.

2. New Jersey

It was clear nearly a year ago that New Jersey could be headed down the path to legalize recreational marijuana. Then-candidate for governor Phil Murphy publicly voiced his support for legalization.

Fast forward to today. Murphy, a Democrat, is now governor of New Jersey, and his party controls the state’s general assembly.

Gov. Murphy is promoting a bill that would legalize recreational marijuana in his state. He even included additional taxes from recreational marijuana sales in his proposed budget for New Jersey’s next fiscal year, which begins on July 1. However, Murphy is running into obstacles. See full post here..

With the many benefits of legalization of marijuana, it will eventually get legalized in no time.