Are There Any Benefits Of Legalizing Cannabis

Today, one of the biggest topics that people are talking about is cannabis and its legalization. Even the people who are thinking of legalizing it is wondering if there are actual benefits of letting cannabis enter our world legally. Some countries started legalizing it while there are some countries who see cannabis illegal. 

As you probably know by now, whether a certain country legalize cannabis or not, they willo still continue to smoke and grow it. The problem in today’s society is that not everyone know that there are actually benefits of legalizing cannabis. In fact, Kelsey Moghadaspour will talk about it below:

Whether or not it gets legalized, people are going to continue to smoke, sell and grow it. It might as well be made easier to do, and therefore less dangerous. With legalization of marijuana also comes better answers to the question: is it harmful? While it is still illegal, it is harder to run tests and experiments to try and find exactly how beneficial it can be.

Smoking controlled amounts has also been known to help with health problems such as glaucoma and epileptic seizures. It has also been known to not impair lung functions, but even help improve them, and it also helps decrease the symptoms of Dravet’s Syndrome, a severe seizure disorder, and many other medical issues.

Legalizing marijuana would also open up more job and economic opportunities for people in the formal economy instead of the illicit market. Also, if it was legalized and controlled by the government, it would make and save the government quite a sum of money. Money would be saved because law enforcement officials that have been put on cases having to do with marijuana could then have their efforts and skills put towards cases much more important to the community’s safety. State and local governments would also have new revenue coming in from taxing and regulating marijuana sales. Read full post here..

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